Timeshare – What is the Truth?

Ask anyone about timeshare and you will probably receive a wide range of responses from those who think they are a waste of money to happy customers who vacation every year in their properties. The truth about timeshare is often blurred by the complaints of disgruntled owners who purchased with emerging companies or those who fell foul to fraudsters. However, beyond the misfortune of a few there are a number of benefits to which many satisfied and happy owners can testify.

Content timeshare owners would probably agree with the fact that since buying their timeshare they have taken more vacations. It is true that owning a timeshare property is a positive incentive to take advantage of your free time. Knowing where you are going to visit on vacation takes the stress out of organizing yourself, family and friends while leaving the options open to visit other destinations where your timeshare company operates.

The accommodations offered by timeshare companies are also usually very spacious condos or apartments. The advantage over a hotel room is that you are able to cook and have more space for socializing within your own unit. You gain a stress free experience – a home away from home. In addition, the properties offered by timeshare operators enable you to buy a share in a luxury property at a low cost, as though your future vacations were paid for upfront at today’s prices.

Maintenance fees are a common complaint of those who are not timeshare owners. They are often seen as some kind of hidden cost when in reality they are an integral part of your investment and one that actually secures the ongoing enjoyment of your property for years to come. The truth is that they are compulsory to protect owners from having to foot the bill for their neighbors who may decide to skip on their fees.

Finally, falling victim to a timeshare scam is a potential yet minimal risk, just like any other fraudulent deal, but the truth is that by far the majority of timeshare operators are offering a legitimate deal. That is, when people complain about a timeshare scam, they are usually taking about a illegitimate or emerging company without a long-standing reputation behind them. The key to remember is that timeshare itself is not a scam, customers just need to be careful about the timeshare companies they invest in, and there are many reputable and established companies offering amazing deals.



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