timeshare resales

Traditional Timeshare vs. Timeshare Resales

Timeshare Definition Are you familiar with the term timeshare, but not exactly sure what it means? To define a timeshare, it is a shared property ownership where you prepay for…

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Is Villa Group Timeshare ownership a Good Deal?

Is Villa Group Timeshare ownership a Good Deal?

Do you love vacationing in Mexico and want to find a way to spend all your vacations on its sunny beaches? Are you wondering if a Villa Group Timeshare ownership…

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avoid timeshare scams

Ways to avoid timeshare scams

Over the years, due to timeshare scams and bad deals, timeshares have earned a bad reputation. Some unlucky individuals have experienced getting into such trouble, but did you know that…

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Jobs in Timeshare

Different Jobs in Timeshare

If you want to make a lot of money, why not become part of the timeshare industry’s growing economy. Be a part of 500,000 individuals who are working in more…

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repercussions if I don’t pay my timeshare

What are the repercussions if I don’t pay my timeshare?

What are the repercussions if I don’t pay my timeshare? This is a very common question that is being asked on many timeshare complaint forum websites. There are times that…

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Villa Group Timeshare Scam

The Villa Group Timeshare Scam

I get regular questions about the risk of timeshare scams and how to avoid them. It seems that the fame of timeshare companies in the 90s has still left a…

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Timeshare Assistance

Timeshare Assistance – Is Timeshare Worth It?

Regardless of what opinion you may have or heard from the press, being the owner of a timeshare is a wonderful idea. There are many people that already are put…

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Double Scam

How Safe Are You from a Double Scam?

Sadly, it is very much the case that consumers these days are often unaware that they have been the victim of a scam; this happens because so many scams stay…

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Mexican Timeshare

Mexican Timeshare Rescission Laws

If you are surfing the web looking for information on the rescission laws in place in Mexico right now, you’re in just the right place! Here you will find out…

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Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

Misleading Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

There are many misleading complaints about timeshare; Villa del Palmar timeshare is not the only reputable company to be targeted by false and misleading complaints. I have provided a list…

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