villa del palmar cancun timeshare

Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Vacation

Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare vacations are an amazing investment for those who love to return to Mexico each year. With just one purchase, you open up a lifetime of…

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Villa del Palmar Resale Scam

What to do with a Villa del Palmar Resale Scam

If you think you have been involved in a Villa del Palmar Resale Scam or if you had a close call, there are some steps you can take. The Villagroup…

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Timeshare Ownership

Difference Between Types of Timeshare Ownership

Are you confused about the difference between the terms timeshare ownership, fractional, deeded, right to use, vacation clubs and vacation ownership? Well, you have come to the right blog. It…

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Villa del Palmar Cooling Off Period

Have you bought a Villa del Palmar timeshare and are having second thoughts? Are you thinking about canceling your Villa del Palmar timeshare during the cooling off period? Buyer’s remorse…

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Cabo Villa Preferred Access

When you purchase a timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa del Arco in Cabo San Lucas you are given the chance to join Villagroup’s Villa Preferred Access. This…

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Can I be taxed on a timeshare gift?

Timeshare companies offer gifts and incentives to attract people to attend a presentation. These gifts are usually discounts, complimentary meals, free tours and excursions, and can sometimes be physical gifts…

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Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta – Presentation Scams

The easy thing about writing about timeshare presentations in Puerto Vallarta is that there are really only positive things to say. Gone are the days of the hard sell and…

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Financial Incentives to Buying a Timeshare

Skeptics and economists are correct when they say that buying a timeshare is not going to make your rich, nor is it going to make you a huge profit were…

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Should You Sell your Timeshare?

Ultimately only you know if you really need or want to sell your timeshare. However, as timeshare resales can take some time and patience, it is worth looking at some…

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Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Timeshare

If you are already a timeshare owner, then the benefits of owning a timeshare property are already synonymous with common sense and great value. But for those shy ones still…

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