Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Building Works

In a grand investment to celebrate 30 years as one of Mexico’s leading vacation club resort developers, the Villa Group announced last week the reopening of Villa del Palmar Puerto … Continue Reading →

Villa del Palmar Los Cabos Fare during Hurricane Odile? Villa del Palmar Los Cabos’ sturdy architecture withstood the strong winds and rain brought by Hurricane Odile, leaving the resort unscathed structurally after the Category 3 hurricane

News for Villa del Palmar Los Cabos after Hurricane Odile

Vacationers with trips booked to Cabo San Lucas will be pleased to hear about Cabo’s rapid and constant recovery from the unfortunate visit from Hurricane Odile last month. If you … Continue Reading →

Loreto Golf Course by Rees Jones

Soon Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto will be offering members and hotel guests a chance to play golf on a stunning new course, designed by world renowned … Continue Reading →

Seeking Timeshare Solutions

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Top 10 Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is renowned for world class cuisine and delectable dining, so much so that there are at least two long-standing culinary festivals in Puerto Vallarta each year … Continue Reading →

Dolphins at sea of cortez

Things To Do In Loreto

Indulging yourself on vacation at the Islands of Loreto, you’ll find that there are hundreds of things to do in Loreto and the surrounding region. The area is the perfect … Continue Reading →

Discount Vacation Hotels Scam

Another travel agency that has come to my attention in the past year or so thanks to comments and forums that I am part of is Discount Vacation Hotels. There … Continue Reading →

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Promoters in Cancun

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Promoters in Cancun

Timeshare promoters in Cancun are found in abundance but only a few companies are truly worth investing in. The best way to discover which are the most trustworthy timeshare promoter … Continue Reading →

Say goodbye to Timeshare Problems

Say goodbye to Timeshare Problems

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Baby Turtle Hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta

Baby Turtle Hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta

There are few who would disagree that one of the highlights of your beach vacation in Puerto Vallarta is to see hundreds of baby turtle hatchlings scurrying for the Pacific … Continue Reading →